Neurology Services

Adult and Pediatric Neurological Services

We offer neurological services for adults and pediatrics. These services include Multiple Sclerosis, seizures, migraines, and many others.

EEG – we perform tests to help determine if you have seizures

We can perform 2 types of EEG’s in the office. These consist of wires attached to the scalp with a paste. They are connected to a computer and brain waves are then recorded. One type of EEG is performed after sleep deprivation with 20 minutes of recording. The other type is attached more firmly and connected to a recorder that can be taken home for 24 hours of brain monitoring. This does not require sleep deprivation. Please call if you have any questions about this test.

EMG/NCV – electrical study to assess the health of nerves and muscles

We can perform a test which involves a series of shocks, like touching the TV, followed by needles placed (gently) in the muscles. This helps to determine if and where a nerve is damaged and if there is any problem with the muscles served by these nerves. Please call if you have any further questions or need to schedule this test.

VNS – vagal nerve stimulation

Vagal nerve stimulation, VNS, is another non-medication method to help control seizures. It consists of a wires placed around the vagus nerve in the neck by a surgeon. This nerve sends quieting impulses to the rest of the body but when stimulated can also send these same inhibitory impulses to the brain. This helps prevent or limit seizure discharges. It becomes more effective over time and is tolerated well. If you know someone with uncontrolled seizures, despite multiple medications, please give us a call.

DBS – deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease

We can now offer evaluations and adjustments for deep brain stimulation. This is another form of treatment for Parkinson’s that involves implanting electrodes into specific areas in the brain to help control various Parkinson’s symptoms. The electrodes are placed by a neurosurgeon, after a series of tests coordinated through our office. It can decrease the need for medication and improve mobility and safety for the Parkinson’s patient. Please give us a call if you would like an evaluation or more information.