Insurance & Fees

Insurance & Fees

The following is the list of insurances with which we participate. This will be updated from time to time as needed:

  • Aetna Better Health Virginia
  • Aetna Commercial/Medicare
  • Anthem BCBS
  • Apostrophe
  • CareFirst BCBS
  • Cigna Healthcare
  • DC Medicaid
  • Department of Labor – Black Lung Program
  • Department of Labor – Energy Program
  • HealthNet Federal Services (HNFS) Tricare
  • Humana
  • INTotal Health
  • Magellan Complete Care Virginia
  • Maryland Medicaid
  • Medicare – MD – Novitas
  • Medicare – Novitas – DC/Surr. Counties
  • Medicare – Palmetto GBA – VA
  • Medicare – Palmetto GBA – VA – Revalidation
  • Multiplan/PHCS
  • Railroad Medicare DC
  • Sentara Health Plans – Commercial
    Sentara Health Plans – Medicaid
  • United Healthcare Community Plan – Virginia
  • Virginia Health Network
  • Virginia Medicaid
  • Virginia Premier
  • WebTPA – Custom Ink

*Medicaid participation is optional and varies amongst Privia Medical Group providers – please verify participation prior to your visit.

Note: You should always check with your Privia Medical Group provider to verify plan and product coverage as this is not an exhaustive list, and plans change frequently.

Payment Options

We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and personal checks.


We encourage patients to keep a credit card on file to make the checkout process easier, faster, and more efficient. You will no longer receive statements from us, but you will continue to receive your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance carrier once your claim has been processed, detailing the charges and payments made on your behalf.

At check-in we will:

  • scan the credit card of your choice, including your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) card

After your insurance has paid their portion, we will:

  • notify you via email of the balance owed
  • charge the balance owed to your card on file
  • email a receipt for the charge

Your credit card information will always be fully protected by our off-site, card-processing partner Elavon, and not on our computers, as required by industry standards (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard – PCI-DSS).


No Shows
Missed Appointment $50
Missed Physical $100
Late Cancellation $75
Missed Pediatric Appointment $50
Missed Allergy Skin Test $100
Missed Procedure $200
New Patients Total Charge or Minimum $200 Deposit
Established Patients Total Charge or Minimum $150 Deposit
New Patients Total Charge or Minimum $200 Deposit
Established Patients Total Charge or Minimum $150 Deposit
Procedures Total Charge or Minimum $200 Deposit

Prince William Neuroscience Credit Card Policy

It is the policy of this office to keep a credit card on file effective 3/4/14. As you may be aware, the current economic downturn has resulted in employers selecting health care insurance policies that have increasingly transferred costs to you, the insured. Furthermore, most insurance plans require deductibles and copayments not known to you or us at the time of your visit. All we’re asking for is a guarantee of payment. We want to assure you that we will bill your credit card in the following situations only:
1. You instruct us to bill your credit card for any outstanding balance, or
2. Your balance is 90 days past due and we have sent you at least 2 statements, or
3. Your insurance card is invalid and you do not have other insurance.

The following patients are exempt from having a credit card on file:
I. Patients that are self-pay will not be required to place a credit card on file. Payment in full is expected at the day of the visit.
II. Patients with ACTIVE MEDICAID benefits that have been verified will not be required to place a credit card on file.
III. Patients with insurance willing to pay 100% of the visit at the time of services rendered will not be required to place a credit card on file.

Any credits remaining on the account, once the insurance claim has been adjusted will be sent to you via check at the address provided.

I’ve never had to do this before at any other doctor’s office.
Many medical practices, imaging centers, outpatient surgical centers have been requiring a credit card on file as patients have been selecting plans with high deductibles. We acknowledge that this is a departure from what you have been used to but it is not uncommon in other industries. For example, hotels, car rental companies and even video rental stores all have policies that require one to leave a card on file. Now days you can’t stay at a hotel or rent a car without a credit card. Just like those merchants, we too want to be paid for our services.

Why am I being singled out? I always pay all my bills.
We assure you this policy isn’t personal, thus we apply it to our entire patient panel. We don’t want to be in a position to say who needs the policy and who doesn’t. Hence we have a policy that applies equally to every patient. So instead of having to discriminate, we prefer to apply the policy across the board. By doing it this way, the temptation to play favoritism is eliminated and it removes us from the uncomfortable situation of having to decide who has to follow the policy and who does not. The card is only intended for accounts that are delinquent.

Why do I have to “pay” for other people’s mistakes?
We agree with you that a few bad apples ruin everything for the rest of us. In our society, we all have to pay for other people’s bad behavior. At the airport for example, why do I have to take off my shoes, belt, jacket, remove my watch, wallet, etc., etc., and then be subject to an uncomfortable pat down if I’m not a terrorist? Worse yet, why do my kids have to be subject to the same screenings? We acknowledge that it shouldn’t have to be this way, but the truth is a few people always ruin it for everybody. And the reason we have to do this is because not everybody pays their bills. We also like to remind you that if you pay your balances within the allotted time frame or give us a call to make payment arrangement, we won’t have the need to process the card.

What about identity theft and privacy?
As a result of HIPAA, we are under strict rules and guidelines in terms of protecting patient privacy and the credit card is considered protected health information. Because of HIPAA rules, our medical office is far more secure than most retail establishments as it relates to identity theft. Furthermore, we already store sensitive information. We have your DOB, home address, employer, SS, how many kids you have, home numbers, cell phone numbers and emergency contact numbers, all of which are highly sensitive. If you didn’t have privacy concern before, then there isn’t a reason for concern now. When you use your credit card at a restaurant, the server disappears for 10-minutes, and then comes back with your card. You do not have an idea what the server did with your card. But nobody thinks twice about handing over a credit card to a stranger at a restaurant. We also want to remind you that we have far less turnover than the restaurant down the street and all our employees undergo a criminal background check.

I don’t have a credit card.
You are welcome to leave a debit card on file, a blank check or pay for the visit in full. We understand that there are legitimate reasons that you might not have a card (declared bankruptcy, maxed out, or declared unworthy of credit). If this is the case, it is not fair for us to extend you credit.

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